NSYNC Reunion At Super Bowl? Joey Fatone Reveals The Truth  – Hollywood Life

Hold tight, NSYNC fans! Joey Fatone has finally revealed the truth as to whether or not they’ll be reuniting at the 2018 Super Bowl. Watch!

After Justin Timberlake, 36, announced he would be performing at the 2018 Super Bowl, many fans wondered if a NSYNC reunion would follow. Unfortunately, this fantasy will not become a reality, as former band member, Joey Fatone, 40, has now squashed the rumors. “I’m here right now. If I was doing something, I’d be at rehearsals right now… There’s your proof. Nothing,” Joey said to TMZ on Jan. 23, when they asked him if NSYNC would take the stage with JT at the Super Bowl. Well, there you have it folks! It looks like we won’t be hearing “Bye Bye Bye” at the Super Bowl after all. Bummer!

NSYNC’s last performance together was at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. The reunion was so epic fans felt like it was the year 2000 all over again! Justin, Joey, J.C. Chasez, 41, Lance Bass, 38, and Chris Kirkpatrick, 46, were all in attendance. They slayed on stage with their signature synchronized moves and matching outfits. We still can’t get over it! We certainly were hoping to relive it, but we’re sure Justin’s solo performance will be just as good.

JT is no rookie when it comes to headlining a show, however, many fans are worried he might screw it up, again. It’s hard to forget his performance in 2004 when he mistakenly exposed Janet Jackson‘s boobs. As we previously reported, Justin is completely aware of this, and is determined to make this year’s half time show the best ever!

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