Tom Hardy’s 90s Rap Mixtape Is Online & You Need To Listen To It Now – Hollywood Life

Tom Hardy has a mixtape and it’s on the Internet. This is not a drill. Back when he was just a lad, the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ actor recorded some rhymes that…actually, aren’t that bad.

Ever imagine you’d hear Bane spit sick rhymes over a dope beat? The Internet was given such a gift on Jan. 18. “[FRESH] Tom Hardy’s unfinished album from 1999 finally found it’s way online,” Reddit user edwardtracy posted in the forum r/hiphopheads, per Mashable. “But is it any good?” The link went to a Bandcamp page for Falling on Your Arse in 1999, what appears to be 18-year-old mixtape featuring Tom, 40, going by the name Tommy No. 1. The tape’s description says it was “made in a bedroom in 1999” and that the “mixtapes were never really finished.”

“Lyrics written and performed by Tom Hardy. Music written and produced by Ed Tracy,” the description reads. So, that means the DJ Eddie Too Tall is actually the Reddit user who shared the tape? What’s even more incredible is that Eddie Too Tall is likely Edward Tracy, a BAFTA-winning television writer and director, per Pitchfork. As for the quality of Falling on Your Arse In 1999, it is better than expected. For being 18-years-old, the beats are a bit dated (but for its time, it’s pretty good.) While the songs are definitely unfinished and there are some rough spots – they definitely need to find someone else to sing the hook on “In The City” — no one would bat an eye if a polished version of this tape were put out on Stones Throw Records or another independent hip hop label.

The existence of Tommy No. 1 isn’t that big of a reveal, as the Bronson actor hasn’t shied away about his love for hip-hop. “I started out rapping when I was 14 or 15,” Tom Hardy told the BBC in 2011. “Because I come from a nice middle-class neighborhood it was a very hard sell. And I wasn’t very good!” Well, that’s debatable, especially in a world where Lil Yachty, 20, Lil Pump, 17, and Migos exist (though, it would be weird to see a 40-year-old Hammersmith native share a stage with Rae Sremmurd, right? At least he could open for Big Shaq.)

“I used to be with the guy who managed Leela James and Lauryn Hill, Pras, the Fugees and all that. I worked out with (Grammy winning producers) Warren Riker and Gordon Williams. I’ve recorded loads of stuff but it’s never been released,” Tom told the BBC in 2011. Well, not anymore. Will fans see Tommy No. 1 make a comeback? “I’ve got albums, man. My best friend Peanut, he grew up in the south Bronx. He’s a very good MC and we still play. It’ll come out in a film one day, it’ll come out in a character somewhere.”

What do you think about Tom Hardy’s mixtape, HollywoodLifers?