All Of Khloé Kardashian’s Organization Secrets

If there’s one thing to know about Khloé Kardashian, it’s that she’s hands-down the most meticulously organized, compulsively clean member of the KarJenner family. (Have you seen her perfect cookie jars in her kitchen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians?) From her kitchen to her garage to her closets, the soon-to-be mom has become an expert at keeping her home in order. Which is why she launched her own video series dedicated to those skills on her website and app: KHLO-C-D.

If you’re interested in getting a jumpstart on your spring cleaning, we rounded up all of Khloé’s master organization tips for your clothing and beauty products below.

Her Workout Clothes

Khloé’s a fitness fanatic, so it’s no wonder the star dedicated an entire room in her house to all of her workout gear. For easy access, she hangs everything by category (tops, leggings, etc.) and by color.

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“All my shirts are long sleeves but they go in order. I go in color. I always end in black and start in white,” she said in a video posted on her website and app. “I also try to put [my leggings] in order by length.”

Her Jewelry

Jewelry could easily be one of the most challenging items to store without tangling or losing certain pieces, but Khloé figured out the best method.

“This is actually for photos,” she revealed in a video showing off the boxes she stores her jewelry in. “When I saw these little squares and this box I was like, ‘Perfect! Let’s organize with this!’” And to make finding particular pieces even easier, Khloé took photos of the jewelry stored in each box and taped it to the outside of the smaller plastic boxes. “I know what is in here just by the pictures!” she said.

Her Lipstick

It’s no secret Khloé “loves her glam,” so it’s no wonder the KUWTK star has collected a ton of lipsticks and lip glosses over the years, which she keeps in a drawer with dividers that leaves the products stored by color.

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Her Jeans

Khloe Kardashian/

After launching her own denim line Good American, Khloé needed to find a way to get her jean collection in order — stat. She prefers hanging them by color for accessibility as opposed to stacking them on a shelf.

“Hanging my jeans (rather than folding them) allows me to pull out a pair without f–king up the PERFECT system I’ve got going on, LOL. Slack hangers allow you to see the full leg and waistband of your jeans, so you basically know what everything is without having to pull it all out. These slim chrome hangers are also genius for space saving,” she said on her website and app.

Khloe Kardashian/

Her Extensions

Yes, Khloé even managed to find a way to organize her huge collection of hair extensions. “I take a picture of them with my polaroid and I print them out on photo paper. And a put a picture, so a visual of everything that is in this box,” the star said on her website and app.

Her Sunglasses

Khloé owns over 200 pairs of sunglasses, so storing them in a compact space became a necessity. “I feel like saving the sunglass case gets so bulky,” she admitted in a video. “I found these amazing sunglass containers. I got these on Amazon [for only $27 a piece!]. I love these ’cause you can stack the boxes on top of each other.”

But her organization doesn’t stop there: Khloé makes sure each black case contains sunglasses of the same style, like colored aviators, brown and gold aviators, square and more.

Her Purses

Khloe Kardashian/

You won’t ever find Khloé rummaging through her bag to find her keys, because she always organizes the purse she carries before leaving the house thanks to three handy pouches.

“So I have three pouches that carry everything. My wallet, toiletry bag and makeup bag,” she said. Inside the toiletry bag, Khloé stores everything from Excedrin Migraine medicine to an Evian facial mist spray. “It’s just everything I personally use. It’s kind of like my emergency kit. I probably don’t use this often, but the one time that I grab a little clutch and I don’t have this, I need everything that is in here!” she said. Then in her makeup bag, Khloé keeps “everything she would personally want” to do a quick makeup look on the go.

When she wants to switch her purse, Khloé simply grabs all three pouches and throws them in. But she does run into some issues when she wants to carry a smaller bag. “The only thing is when I want a small purse I don’t know which [pouch] to let go of,” she said. “Downsizing is not my expertise.”