Dua Lipa Asks ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ In Gentle Piano-Led Arctic Monkeys Cover

The premise of Dua Lipa‘s “New Rules” is simple: Get as far away from your ex as possible, then stay there. It’s also, using any criteria you’d like, an objectively serviceable bop, though one whose clever lyrics help make it linger in your brain. It shares this with “Do I Wanna Know?,” the paranoid, can’t-escape-your-own-head, stoner rocker from Arctic Monkeys.

This is why, in my estimation, Dua Lipa would cover that song specifically — as she did on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge on Wednesday (February 14).

Instead of channeling the inner fury of the original, Lipa opts for piano balladry, wringing out every ounce of longing and desperation in Alex Turner’s words. It’s not the first time this song has been slowed down to its fragile core in the Live Lounge, but Lipa’s voice helps keep everything grounded here.

Since releasing 2013’s AM, Arctic Monkeys have remained quiet on the recording front, but their songs have found resonance with a slightly younger generation. Miley Cyrus sang “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” as part of her MTV Unplugged set in 2014, and last year, Louis Tomlinson told MTV News about growing up in Northern England with the band as a key influence.

“The way that they write I’ve always found very interesting because, you know, if you look at a pop song fundamentally, lyrically it’s very different to the conversational style that Arctic Monkeys or Oasis might use, and that’s exciting to me,” Tomlinson said.

Let’s follow the example set by Tomlinson, Cyrus, Lipa, and plenty of fans and start hoping 2018 is the year the Arctic Monkeys come back. These new tour dates certainly are a good start.