Greta Gerwig Reveals The ‘Lady Bird’ Snack Combo Named After Her on ‘Late Late Show’!

Oscar nominees Greta Gerwig and Gary Oldman both sat on the couch with James Corden during last night’s (February 22) episode of The Late Late Show!

After host James asks Greta about the Lady Bird walking tour fans are taking around Sacramento, he asks her about “The Greta” — a term created for her favorite snack/drink combo she requests several times a day on set.

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“It meant a bag of Cheetos and a Diet Coke. I didn’t know there was a code word for it but I heard them say it and was like ‘what? why does this need a name?’,” Greta recalled. “My first a.d said to me you ask for it five or six times a day.’ I’m completely made out of Cheetos.”

James also asks Greta and Gary about receiving bad reviews and James learns Greta‘s first negative review came very early, and Gary becomes critical of his own performance in a previous Late Late Show sketch.

On Set, Greta Gerwig Has a Snack Combo Named After Her

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Gary Oldman & Greta Gerwig Are Familiar with Bad Reviews