Jimmy Fallon Duets With Paul Rudd in Olympics-Shortened, 5-Minute Version of ‘Tonight Show’

The host rushed through a one-minute interview with a ticking clock in the first edition of his “Fallon Five” segment.

Due to preemption by the Winter Olympics, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon introduced the “Fallon Five,” a five-minute version of his NBC nightly program on Monday night.

Fallon, whose show was on hiatus last week and will continue with “Fallon Five” segments in its place this week, welcomed Paul Rudd and rushed through a truncated version of his monologue.

“Today is day 11 of the Winter Olympics, but it is day 12 of Fergie’s National Anthem,” Fallon said, referencing the singer’s much-lampooned version of the song at Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game.

The host, of course, also referenced the Games, dubbing the Spongebob Squarepants theme song over a German skater’s routine and poking fun at a recent doping scandal involving a Russian curler.

Fallon then held a one-minute interview with Rudd, with a running timer ticking down the seconds. Rudd talked about his favorite winter sport, skiing, and got out a two word description of his new Netflix film, Mute, showed off a very, very brief clip from it and even sang a duet with Fallon.