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Beyonce randomly dropped a new remix of her iconic track ‘Sweet Dreams’ on Feb. 21, and we’re hoping it means she’s getting ready for another tour! LISTEN to it here.

Beyonce, 36, released  “Sweet Dreams (Remixes)” on Apple Music, iTunes and TIDAL without warning, and fans are wondering if the singer is about to embark on another world tour! “Sasha Fierce comeback is coming omg,” one Beyhive member tweeted after hearing the track. Either way, Bey is keeping us warm until her next major release! Hear the new version of “Sweet Dreams” below.

While the reaction to this remix is mostly positive, some fans aren’t impressed. “The original is better,” one shrugged. “Meh, prolly for the new generation. Same vocals, laid back mumble rap style beat. It’s cool, but the original was foreground music! Got the blood pumpin!” another wrote. “So what did Beyoncé gain from releasing that Sweet Dreams remix?” one fan wondered. See more of Beyonce’s sexiest pics here.

Whether you’re into the remix or not, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Bey on the music front — her last new release was in November 2017 when she hopped on Ed Sheeran‘s “Perfect Duet” — so you have to admit it’s definitely exciting! Perhaps she’ll perform this new version when she takes the headlining stage at Coachella this April. Beyonce has yet to announce or comment about the release on social media, but we’ll keep an eye out.

Listen to Beyonce’s new remix of “Sweet Dreams” via Apple Music:

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Beyonce’s new remix? Tell us if you hope it means she’s going on tour soon!