Paris Hilton’s ‘I Need You’ — Listen To Her New Song – Hollywood Life

Our favorite ‘it’ girl, Paris Hilton, is back, this time with an undeniably catchy single. Listen to ‘I Need You’ here and just TRY not to get in the mood!

Queen Paris Hilton, 36, dropped her single “I Need You” today, Feb. 14, and while we are not proud to admit it, it’s kind of catchy. “I wanna be the bunny in your Easter,” the perfume mogul sings, “And I wanna kiss you every New Year’s Eve.” It’s no “Stars Are Blind,” obviously, but as Her Parisness says, “That’s hot.” Hear the track below and decide for yourself!

A demo of Paris singing “I Need You” actually has existed on YouTube since it surfaced in 2010, and while the final version sounds different, the lyrics are very much the same. Paris has better things to do, okay?

The singer/perfume mogul has been busy getting engaged and whatnot, but she’s still finding time to show up in Demi Lovato‘s video for “Sorry Not Sorry,” work on her DJ career and make club appearances. It looks like she’s finally back in the musical saddle after a few years off, and we can’t lie: if Paris Hilton decides to release her sophomore album, we will probably listen to it. But not in public.

Check out an excerpt of the lyrics to “I Need You:”

You are the light in my heart of darkness
You are not like anyone I’ve ever met
You’re the light under the door
You’re my baby love angel
I won’t forget you rescued me

We’re left with a few questions. When’s the music video coming? Will she wear a tiara in it? Is it 2006 again?

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of “I Need You?” Tell us if you love it!