‘Parks and Recreation’ Creator Michael Schur Slams NRA For Tweeting Show GIF

Michael Shur, an outspoken critic of the gun lobby, demanded the removal of a meme featuring Amy Poehler’s character.

Parks and Recreation creator Michael Shur took exception to the NRA sharing a GIF from the show on its official Twitter account on Wednesday night, and the prolific producer demanded they take it down as he didn’t want the show to promote a “pro-slaughter agenda.”

Following Dana Loesch’s appearance on the CNN town hall debating gun control in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting, the NRA tweeted a thank you tweet featuring Amy Poehler’s Parks and Rec character Leslie Knope giving a thumbs up.

Shur, whose Twitter handle is @KenTremendous, tweeted back that the gun lobby should take down the tweet as he “would prefer you not use a GIF from a show I worked on to promote your pro-slaughter agenda.” 

He added: “Also, Amy isn’t on twitter, but she texted me a message: “Can you tweet the NRA for me and tell them I said f— off?”

Nick Offerman, who played Nick Swanson on Parks and Rec, later echoed Shur’s demand that the NRA take down their tweet, writing that “Leslie Knope represents the opposite of your pro-slaughter agenda.” “Take it down and please eat s—,” Offerman added.