Silver & Black’s Production Delayed Indefinitely

Production on Sony’s Silver & Black movie has been indefinitely delayed. The studio is looking to become a bigger player in the superhero movie landscape by launching a universe that continues to look like it might ultimately become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will begin with Venom, but Sony’s also hired director Gina Prince-Bythewood to helm a movie that will feature Silver Sable and Black Cat as its stars. Sony’s continued to move forward with Silver & Black ever since.

There has however been a surprisingly lacking amount of info on the movie so far. Production was scheduled to begin next month, which is why recent word of new writers being involved came as a bit of a shock. That doesn’t even account for the fact that not a single casting decision has been made. Well, now we may know why.

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That Hashtag Show reports production on Silver & Black has been delayed indefinitely. That could mean a number of things, but considering the movie is currently in no position to start filming, this is undoubtedly the right call. Silver & Black is scheduled to film in Atlanta, as well as Mexico. Sticking to Atlanta for production whenever it does start up shouldn’t be a problem, but hopefully the same goes for Mexico and any other on-site locations. Update: Silver & Black director Gina Prince-Bythewood responded to the post on Twitter, seemingly confirming the production delay and saying that everything depends on the script. Take a look:

This delay is hardly a shock for all the reasons outlined above, but indefinitely is typically not a good word to be associated with production delays. What could be concerning for Silver & Black is what the future now actually is. Prince-Bythewood is said to be doing final edits on the script, but the movie is currently slated to hit theaters in less than a year. There’s currently no details on when Silver & Black could actually start filming, or if Sony’s already lined up a future filming schedule. If they aren’t sure, then we could not only be looking at production being delayed, but also the film as a whole.

As troublesome as this news could be, it also means that Sony is hopefully taking their time with the project. They still have to cast Silver Sable and Black Cat, and so far there hasn’t even been a hint of who could be cast or what stage the casting process is in. Not only do they have to cast their two female leads, but there’s also been reports of a supporting cast stuffed with villains from Spider-Man’s rogues gallery. There’s still plenty for Silver & Black to do before cameras start rolling, so even though we don’t know when that will be anymore, the day should come eventually, hopefully after everything is figured out.

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Source: That Hashtag Show