Star Wars Fan Creates The Perfect Solo Opening Scene

Instead of an opening crawl… from StarWars

A Star Wars fan has created a potential opening for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and it may well make the film stand out from the other movies in the franchise. Already, the film’s status as a Star Wars Story rather than one of the mainline episodes of the series separates it from some of the major Star Wars traditions. After all, Rogue One did not include the usual Star Wars opening crawl, so it would stand to reason that Solo would follow suit.

What’s more, it looks as though the film will have a different tone from the other Star Wars movies. Lando Calrissian actor Donald Glover has confirmed that Solo is a lot more fun than other Star Wars films, and so it stands to reason that the movie’s opening would also have more of a humorous edge, to make that shift of tone that little bit more defined.

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A recent fan-made opening for Solo managed to capture that potential humor perfectly. Reddit user SushiShishKebab took to the website to share their wonderful creation, opening with a (spoiler-laden) first scene that reveals Han Solo’s last, dramatic moments before a very abrupt shift, courtesy of a record scratch and a freeze frame. “You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation,” says the beloved smuggler before the Solo logo appears, over Baba O’Riley from The Who.

Alden Ehrenreich in Solo Star Wars Fan Creates The Perfect Solo Opening Scene

This kind of opening has become a solid meme over the years, but it fits pretty much perfectly in this situation. What’s more, it helps break some of the tension and hurt that Star Wars fans feel over the death of Han Solo as a character. If Solo truly is inspired by The Great Lebowski, then the film could certainly have a comedic opening of sorts, even if it isn’t quite as on the nose as this fan creation suggests.

It’s not the only time that Solo has been on the receiving end of a fan-made comedic creation, either. Another Star Wars fan took the movie’s trailer and recreated it with the I’m Han Solo song from the now-notorious Star Wars: Kinect dancing minigame, which definitely changed the feel of that initial tease of the film.

Of course, Solo as a whole has an unpredictability to it. The movie’s production has been a chaotic one, with former directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord fired from the project and replaced by veteran Ron Howard. Howard has not confirmed how much of the film he directed, and fans are wondering exactly how the final product is going to gel. Hopefully, the end result will live up to its main character’s reputation.

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