Superman Gets a Stunning New Character Poster

Warner Bros. releases a character poster for Superman in celebration of Justice League‘s Digital HD release. The company has cranked up their marketing machine once again to promote the film’s official arrival online, and after rolling out a hilarious Batman/Superman promo spot, they’ve now shared a new Man of Steel-centric illustration.

Superman has been a controversial character in the current DC Films Universe – from people not liking how surly he was in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice to his less glorious come back in Justice League (not to mention his odd-looking upper lip in majority of the film). But being one of DC’s holy trinity, Henry Cavill remains to be a significant player in the franchise. He might’ve taken the back seat during Justice League‘s marketing, but Warner Bros. is putting him front and center now while promoting the film’s digital release.

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The official Twitter account of the film has just rolled out a nifty character poster of the Son of Krypton following the release of similar ones for Batman, Wonder Woman and The Flash. Safe to say, it’s just a matter of time before we get Aquaman’s and Cyborg’s version of the artwork. This new illustration calls back to the cornfields in the Kents’ farm where he had the conversation with Lois Lane after rising from the dead. Check out the illustration below:

Justice League‘s underwhelming performance at the box office is an amalgamation of a lot of things. The director switch and corporate meddling are perhaps two of the most talked about ones, but the film’s marketing was also questionable. Deciding not to include Superman in the majority of the promo materials may have played on the film’s premise of a world without the Man of Steel, but DC Films’ inability to use one of the movie’s biggest crowd-drawers while advertising it was perhaps not the most brilliant idea. After all, it was already a given that at some point, he would be resurrected and join the League considering that the final shot in Batman V Superman hinted as much.

As of now, Cavill’s fate in the DC Films Universe is still hanging in the balance. We don’t know how Clark Kent was able to return to his old life in Metropolis after his supposed death as seen in Justice League’s ending. Further, there doesn’t seem to be a strong motivation on Warner Bros.’ part to green light a Man of Steel 2, although recent ramblings suggest that it’s back on the docket. Several directors have expressed their interest in helming the project, it’ll just all boil down to the movie’s narrative and how it will fit in the franchise’s bigger picture.

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Source: Justice League Official Twitter Account