Tommy Wiseau’s Best F(r)iends Trailer Is Ominous And Super Weird

Best F(r)iends stars Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero as best friends and also best fiends, I guess. The movie follows a drifter (Sestero) who is picked up by an odd mortician (Wiseau). The two begin a friendship and partnership that takes them to some dark places, eventually leading to lots of money, dead clowns, and people on fire– at least judging by the trailer. Best F(r)iends certainly looks better shot than The Room was and though there aren’t any jokes in the trailer, it is classified as a black comedy. There’s a big wacky, ridiculous vibe to the whole thing, and I’m definitely curious to see what people will think of the film. The movie was written by Sestero and directed by Justin MacGregor.