What’s Apparently Going On With Danny Boyle And The New James Bond Movie

Both Trainspotting and its 2017 sequel, T2 Trainspotting, were met with numerous positive reviews, so if Danny Boyle and John Hodge are indeed cracking a Bond 25 story together, then it’s a good bet that it will be something interesting. Since this will be Daniel Craig’s fifth and final time playing James Bond, it’s important that his tenure end with a bang, and these men might have the right kind of creative vision to make that happen. Fun fact, even if Danny Boyle scores the Bond 25 directing gig, this won’t be the first time that he’s directed something involving Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Boyle helmed the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, and part of that saw Craig’s Bond in an action scene where Queen Elizabeth II cameoed.