50 Cent and Conor McGregor clash on Instagram

50 Cent has clashed with Irish boxer/MMA fighter Conor McGregor on social media.

The pair have exchanged heated words in the past, with McGregor previously labelling the rapper a “bitch” before his fight with Floyd Mayweather last year.

Now, McGregor has appeared to reignite the beef by calling 50 Cent a “50 year old Instagram blocker”, claiming that the rapper blocked him on the social media platform.

“Ahh don’t block me 50 kid,” McGregor wrote in a post. “I still like some of your songs. The older ones hahah”.

According to reports, 50 Cent responded with a video, which has since been deleted, in which he suggested that McGregor had cheated on his girlfriend with Rita Ora.

The rapper also posted another video in which he called McGregor “talented for a white boy”, arguing that Rocky was only made so viewers could finally see white fighters triumph against their black counterparts.

Last month saw 50 Cent admit that he lied about making millions in the Bitcoin boom.

The rapper filed new documents in a bankruptcy case, admitting that “recent media reports have falsely stated” his Bitcoin fortune and that he has “never owned, and does not own, a bitcoin account or any bitcoins, and to the best of his knowledge, none of his companies had a bitcoin account from 2014 to the present.”

“When I first became aware of the press reports on this matter, I made social media posts stating that ‘I forgot I did that’ because I had in fact forgotten that I was one of the first recording artists to accept bitcoin for online transactions,” the rapper wrote in the documents.

“I did not publicly deny the reports that I held bitcoins because the press coverage was favourable and suggested that I had made millions of dollars as a result of my good business decision to accept bitcoin payments.”