Arcade Fire tease ‘Money + Love’ video

Arcade Fire appear to be teasing a new video.

The band shared a short preview clip on Twitter today (March 9), hinting at something “coming soon” called ‘Money + Love’.

Stereogum speculates that it could be a joint video for the tracks ‘Put Your Money On Me’ and ‘We Don’t Deserve Love’ from their 2017 album ‘Everything Now’.

Watch the teaser in full beneath:

Arcade Fire are set to release their first EP on vinyl for Record Store Day in April.

They will also perform as the musical guests on Saturday Night Live on March 17.

Last year, the band’s frontman Win Butler has discussed their controversial fake news marketing campaign surrounding ‘Everything Now’.

“Maybe there was a certain amount of naïveté on our behalf about how things would be received,” Butler said. “I guess at the very core of it, we were hoping that, at least among our fans, we could contribute to a conversation about thinking about what you read, not taking things at face value, critical thinking. Maybe certain parts of that got away from us.”

“Honestly, we’re talking about two weeks in the lifespan of this album… And if ultimately the biggest regret of my career is that some people think maybe we made a misstep with an album rollout, I can certainly live with that.”