Fallen Kingdom Video Advertises Claire’s Dinosaur Protection Group

I love how fully Universal is committing to this bit of viral marketing. This could easily pass for a real commercial from an animal rights group. Like all great calls to action from charities, the Dinosaur Protection Group commercial plays on your heartstrings to get you involved. To do this, the DPG takes a cue from other political, social and environmental causes, and asks the audience to think of their children and how the extinction of dinosaurs will deny them an amazing experience. Brilliant. If this were real, the donations would be pouring in. The use of music, images of kids in a classroom and plant-eating dinosaurs all speak to the audience’s better angels to help save creatures that are in danger. I like how the commercial basically leaves out any meat-eating dinosaurs, so as not to remind the public of the violent horrors that took place at both Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. As far as packaging a product and crafting a message is concerned, this is top notch.