Holy Wakanda, Black Panther Could Make Over A Billion Dollars

According to Deadline, Black Panther has amassed an incredible $763.3 million global haul to this point. That breaks down to $428.7 million domestically and $334.6 million internationally. The tally will continue to go up from there, as Black Panther, coming off a remarkable $111 million domestic total in its second weekend, is expected to continue its reign this weekend as the calendar turns to March. The biggest newcomer to the field is the Jennifer Lawrence spy-thriller Red Sparrow which, with mixed reviews and an R rating, has little chance of besting T’Challa and company. Black Panther is also just opening in Japan, where it isn’t expected to dominate, but every dollar adds to that total. The film also doesn’t open in the growing Chinese market until March 9, where advance ticket sales are said to be on par with last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, which opened to a cool $69 million there.