Jeff Goldblum wants to collaborate with Migos

Jeff Goldblum has revealed an unexpected desire to collaborate with Migos, after the Jurassic Park star was spotted with Quavo in recent months.

A new Vice interview with the actor addresses the meet-up, with Goldblum admitting: “I loved meeting him! We were shopping and we started to talk and took some pictures together and I, I, I was very thrilled to meet him. Mhm.”

On the question of whether a Migos-Goldblum collaboration could be in the pipeline, the Ian Malcolm actor was similarly enthusiastic: “Oh my gosh, I’d be thrilled to do any, any little thing with him and them,” he said. “Yeah that would be a lot of fun. It could go anywhere! That’s a great idea [laughs].”

Elsewhere, he also chatted about his love of jazz.  “You know, I’m still catching up on some old jazz stuff—the kind of stuff we like to play—but I still had never heard this version that I found yesterday of Thelonious Monk playing “Caravan,” a song I enjoy playing. Boy, seeing him do it is, uh, is really something,” he said. “And Willie Bobo, I’ve just been turned on to him. He’s from a while ago but there’s this song “Fried Neckbones,” [singing] friiiied neckbones, handsome home frieees… it’s very catchy. I give my two-and-a-half-year-old son a bath every night and I was singing it to him. He thought it was very catchy too.”

Jeff Goldblum is set to return to the character of Ian Malcolm in the upcoming sequel to Jurassic World.  The Chaos Theory expert was last seen in 2001’s Jurassic World 3.

In the trailer, Dr Malcolm appears to be addressing an unspecified committee hearing – before the trailer eventually concludes with an utterance of his iconic line ‘life finds a way’.