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What the? Jennifer Garner looks stunned at the Oscars in a moment that is quickly becoming the meme of the night. Check out the wild gifs here!

We are not sure what is going on here, but Jennifer Garner looks hilarious. “What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to,” asks tweeter Bobby Finger, and it’s the question the whole internet is asking upon seeing a happy, clapping Jen quickly turn into a stunned, startled audience member as if she just realized she left the stove on back home. It all went down on March 4th, in Hollywood, during the 90th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater. The award show was hosted by the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel and Jen’s was one of many funny moments. Check out Jen’s weird face that is becoming the meme of the 2018 Oscars below!

Twitter user Jasmine L Watkins thinks that, “Jennifer Garner just realized she forgot to take the chicken out the freezer,” and maybe she is right. Tweeter Babatikidido quips, “Jennifer Garner just realized she left the iron on,” which is a feeling probably everyone can relate to. We may never know what was going through Jennifer’s mind on Oscar night. Perhaps she was missing her ex-hubby, hunky Ben Affleck? Unlikely, but possible.

The Oscars were tons of fun with The Shape Of Water winning big at the show. Is it possible Jen was in shock at an announced winner? The Shape Of Water not only won for best picture but, director Guillermo del Toro also won for his work on the great film, which should be hardly shocking to anyone who has seen the amazing movie.

Then there was the moment when Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence took cheap shots at Meryl Streep. Perhaps Jen did not appreciate the joke Jodie and Jen made at the expense of Meryl, when they pair of stars joked that Jodie had been ‘I Tonya-ed,’ by Meryl? We need Jen to send out a tweet asap, and clear this matter up please! Jen, what revelation was so shocking to you that we got to see that face which will go down in meme infamy!?!?