Kim Kardashian Insists Her Pink Hair is Real

Kim Kardashian would really appreciate it if everyone would stop insisting that her pink hair is a wig.

Since dyeing her hair platinum in September, Kardashian West has continued to spark wig rumors. And now that she’s sporting pink hair, the color truthers are back, calling out the authenticity of the star’s look. And despite her hairstylist Chris Appleton’s claims that both looks are in fact the real deal, it’s easy to assume that it’s the result of some trickery, especially given the family’s affinity for wigs, from Kris’ platinum pixie to Kylie Jenner’s expansive wig closet.

But Kardashian West is setting the record straight once and for all.

“You guys, if I see one more person say I’m wearing a wig and think that I’m lying, you are just… I just… I don’t get it,” she said on Instagram Wednesday. “Like why would i lie about wearing a wig?”

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And if that wasn’t convincing enough, she pulled at her roots in order to prove that her hair is connected to her scalp.

“This is my hair. There is no wig. I dyed my hair guys,” she expressed while tugging at her hair. “It’s like, how is it such a crazy thought? F— outta here with that wig s—.”

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The change came just days after Kardashian West shared her blonde hair fatigue with her Twitter followers. “I can’t even tell you how over my blonde hair I am,” she wrote, hinting that a change would be in her future. And while it wasn’t a switch to brown, we can imagine that pink is just a stop on the road to her transformation back to her natural hue.

“Maybe when the roots grow out too much,” she told a fan on Twitter. “It will be years before I go blonde again so have to enjoy it.”