Men I Trust Is The Montréal Band You Need To Know Right Now

A few months ago, I was minding my own business and trying to stay focused at work (it was not working) when I randomly stumbled upon Men I Trust‘s music video for “I hope to be around.” I was initially grabbed by the band name alone, a subtle moniker that speaks volumes in a post-Obama America. But I was pleased when the moody music actually matched the aesthetic I’d pictured in my head. Ever since, I’ve been streaming all of their music non-stop… and now it’s your turn!

Men I Trust is an indie band from Montréal making smooth tunes ideal for getting groovy on the dance floor of a grungy dive bar (which sounds more charming than you think, trust me). The whole vibe is very low-key as the mellow melodies get you swaying to the rhythm. The trio’s newly released single “Show Me How” is a bass-driven slow jam that will make you feel more in touch with your emotions.

In the accompanying self-directed video, Emma strolls through the streets by herself while she sings about a distant lover from the past. “Show me how you care/ Tell me how you were loved before,” she softly sings. “Show me how you smile/ Tell me why your hands are cold.”

But wait, there’s more! Your new favorite band is going on a North American headlining tour next month, so get ready to catch them in action very soon. (Browse all the dates here.) And even more good news: lead singer Emmanuelle “Emma” Proulx also has her own solo project called Bernache. Please, don’t rush all at once to thank me!