Reactions to Randall and Beth’s Strip Club Fight This Is Us

The following contains spoilers for This Is Us.

When it comes to This Is Us relationships, we’ve always felt like Beth and Randall Pearson might have an even more iconic romance than Jack and Rebecca . . . but during the 16th episode of season two, fans see a side of their marriage that we never knew was there. The episode shows Randall and Beth, who usually make us think “relationship goals!” even when they’re mid-argument, erupt into a brutal fight in the middle of a Las Vegas strip club — a Magic Mike Live show, to be specific — and the fan reactions to the scene say it all.

The argument isn’t like the ones Beth and Randall usually hash out, where they recognize that they’re a team and work collaboratively to solve their issues; rather, it includes deeply personal attacks in the most cringe-worthy public setting imaginable. Add bachelorette Kate for a hefty dose of family drama, and you’ve got a Pearson family sh*tshow of epic proportions.

Fans couldn’t contain their horrified (yet entertaining) reactions to the strip club fight, so we’ve gathered some of the best ones here for your enjoyment. And good news: before you go writing off Randall and Beth’s marriage, check out what Sterling K. Brown has to say about the state of things.