St. Vincent has produced her aunt and uncle’s new album

The artist’s relatives, who go by the moniker Tuck & Patti, covered The White Stripes and more on the record in question

St. Vincent has revealed that she recently recorded and produced an album of children’s music for her aunt and uncle.

The ‘Masseducation’ artist worked with her relatives – who go by the moniker Tuck & Patti – on their forthcoming LP, which has yet to receive a release date.

Speaking about the production work, St. Vincent told Beats 1‘s Matt Wilkinson that she worked with her aunt and uncle on their record during her January tour.

Having originally intended to record an album of traditional children’s music, the three came to a decision to go down another route after realising that “a lot of children’s songs suck”.

“So I was like: ‘OK, let’s take things from a classic songwriter-y pantheon that could completely appeal to kids because of their sing songy-ness and the relatively clean content,’” she explained.

That direction led to Tuck & Patti covering such songs as The White Stripes‘ ‘We Are Going to Be Friends’ and Harry Nilsson’s ‘Coconut’ for the album.

St. Vincent recently performed with Sufjan Stevens at the 2018 Oscars. The artist joined Stevens on stage during the ceremony as the latter performed ‘Mystery of Love’, which was nominated for Best Original Song.

The track featured in the acclaimed and Oscar-nominated film Call Me By Your Name, which was nominated for a total of four Academy Awards.