Ticketmaster Deletes Presale – Hollywood Life

What is going on?! Ticketmaster and Beyonce’s FB page announced a tour date for something called One The Run 2, then promptly deleted the post. Are she and Jay-Z going on tour or what?

Someone’s getting fired! Fans absolutely lost their s**t after Ticketmaster briefly posted about an On The Run 2 concert in Philly. And as suddenly as the post appeared — both on Ticketmaster’s site and Beyonce‘s Facebook page — it was gone! The advertised show was supposedly set for July 30 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. The post also shared presale details. For Tidal users, tickets were to be on sale on March 6. The public onsale was set for March 12. Um, what?

A lot of Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s fans were in a frenzy about the tour, sharing their plans on Twitter to blow their tax returns on tickets ASAP. We know that feel. And same for when the post was abruptly deleted. Some fans were skeptical from the beginning, and pointed out why the post was probably not real. For one, it used a poster from Beyonce’s 2016 Formation World Tour. Calling it “On The Run 2” also seemed suspicious. The husband-wife duo would surely get more creative with their massive joint tour than slapping a “2” on the name of their iconic first one. Jay-Z’s name is also stylized incorrectly.

This is also the second time that Ticketmaster effectively trolled Bey and Jay fans with the promise of a tour. At the end of February, a page for “Beyoncé & Jay Z” appeared on Ticketmaster UK’s official website. There were no other details included on the page, but it was enough to get us all riled up. That’s part of the reason why fans still think this tour is happening, even if Ticketmaster deleted their most recent post. They just think that they weren’t supposed to make it public yet! The bizarre details from the post could just be filler until they’re actually ready to announce!

Fingers crossed that this is actually the case. Another interesting detail that fans pointed out: the one concert announced is in Philadelphia, where Meek Mill is currently incarcerated. Jay and Bey have publicly voiced their support for the rapper, who many believe was unfairly jailed. Could this be a benefit concert? Now, to wait for the real announcement. See reactions from freaked out fans below: