Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway Presenting Best Picture Again?

Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway reportedly will return to this Sunday’s Oscars to present the Best Picture award. The legendary screen duo of course became embroiled in last year’s colossal mix-up that briefly gave the Best Picture award to La La Land before the real winner Moonlight was revealed. It looks like now the Bonnie and Clyde co-stars get a chance to make up for their part in the historic blunder.

The Oscars have certainly seen their fair share of bizarre moments over the decades, but nothing like last year’s disaster during the presentation for the biggest award of the evening. As we learned later, Beatty and Dunaway were themselves not actually to blame for the mess. The PricewaterhouseCoopers envelope caretakers backstage caused the fiasco by accidentally giving the stars the wrong envelope, handing them the one already used for Emma Stone’s Best Actress win. Beatty seemed momentarily thrown when he opened the envelope, but Dunaway took over and read off La La Land. Unfortunately, the La La Land cast and crew had already taken the stage before the mix-up was discovered. While the audience watched in a state of shock, the stage had to be cleared so the real winners, the Moonlight gang, could come up and accept their Oscar.

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TMZ now reports that Beatty and Dunaway will get a do-over, by returning to present this year’s Best Picture Oscar. The website claims that a spy witnessed the two stars rehearsing their bit, which sees them making fun of last year’s fiasco. Dunaway starts the bit by saying “Presenting is better the second time around,” according to the source. Beatty then quips “The winner is ‘Gone with the Wind,” pretending to mess up again. TMZ assures us that the show’s writers will “fine-tune” the comedy before Sunday night.

Jimmy Kimmel The Oscars Warren Beatty & Faye Dunaway Reportedly Presenting Best Picture Again

Though TMZ may not always be the most reliable source of news, this one does sound like a plausible report. Beatty and Dunaway after all were not to blame for the mess-up, but were only innocent victims. So why not give the two stars a chance to come back and make up for their embarrassing moment? It seems only right. The Oscars reportedly have taken steps to prevent a repeat of last year’s envelope mix-up. So presumably there’s zero chance of things going south again for Beatty and Dunaway.

From the two stars’ point-of-view, this gives them a chance at something like redemption after their unfortunate moment. All-in-all, being part of an Oscar gaffe obviously isn’t the end of the world for the stars. Their legacy as great legends of Hollywood remains secure no matter what. But they both certainly have a lot of pride as well. They surely don’t wish to leave a lasting image of themselves as a pair of clueless elderly people, especially with young people who don’t know their films. This return gives them a chance to leave things on a better note, if indeed they both end up now fading from the spotlight.

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From the Oscars’ point-of-view, having Beatty and Dunaway return to poke fun at the disaster brings a little closure. Perhaps it would suffice to just have host Jimmy Kimmel come out and crack a few jokes about the catastrophe. But actually bringing back Dunaway and Beatty ties everything up in a nice little comedic bow. As long as everything goes off without a hitch, that is.

Source: TMZ