Watch The BTS Member’s Solo Visual – Hollywood Life

Good news for J-Hope fans: he’s dropped a slick new video for his song ‘Airplane,’ and the K-pop superstar is the center of attention. He’s the only one in the visual, and we like it!

J-Hope debuted the video for “Airplane” today, March 6, and you might just break the replay button with this one. It’s got everything a cool music video needs: stylish jackets, sports cars and dramatic shots of J-Hope staring off into the distance. And yes, there is an airplane towards the end.

The BTS A.R.M.Y. has already given the beautiful visual its stamp of approval, and #Airplane quickly began trending worldwide on Twitter “I love this so much. YASS J-hope well done on your MV. Airplane <3,” one fan commented on YouTube. “Hope world is the best world,” another wrote.

“Airplane” appears on J-Hope’s debut solo mixtape Hope World. He also released the music video for another track on the record, “Daydream,” and we can’t decide which video we like more! See pics of BTS performing here.