Zayn Malik Gets New Harry Potter Voldemort Tattoo

This year has been off to a busy start for Zayn Malik. He got new eye tattoos on his chest (that fans speculate could be in honor of Gigi Hadid), then he got a massive new chest tattoo (of a red wolf) and now he’s chosen one of his most magical tatts yet, with his new Harry Potter-themed ink.

The ex One Direction star got a “dark mark” in honor of the infamous antagonist of the Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort.

In new paparazzi shots, Malik was spotted in Florida relaxing by the pool with a noticeably large new tattoo below his right knee.

Zayn Malik/Instagram; Warner Bros.

He chose a photo of Voldemort angrily battling in a fight scene, and while it could be from a number of legendary Voldemort duels, it most closely resembles his face during the Battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

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Like most of his other tattoos, it’s hard to tell why he chose the specific ink. Back in January, he showed off two new tattoos of eyes on his chest that looked closely resembled his girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s. And not surprisingly, fans went wild.

“Wait did zayn seriously get a tattoo of Gigi’s eyes,” one fan said on Twitter.

Another tweeted: “Y’all this boy zayn really got a tattoo of Gigi’s Eyes.”