Sacha Baron Cohen Teases New Show With 10-Minute Preview Clip

The comedian shared a video of himself in costume duping gun rights activist in a preview of his new Showtime series, ‘Who is America?’

Controversial comedian Sacha Baron Cohen posted a 10 minute first-look video of his new Showtime series, Who is America?, online Sunday morning ahead of its premiere that night.

The new show has already stirred much controversy, as Cohen successfully “duped” notable political figures such as Sarah Palin — who called the comedian’s undercover impersonation of a veteran “truly sick” — and radio host Ted Koppel.

In the new clip, a heavily make-upped Cohen appears as a character wanting to arm America’s schoolchildren to prevent mass shootings. Cohen then sits down with pro-gun rights activist Philip Van Cleave in an interview where he asks, “They tried to stop 4-year-old children from having access to guns? What is the logic?”

He then enlisted Cleave’s help to make an instructional gun video for toddlers.

Watch the clip below.